, soap, towels, and much more each and every week. At my school, very little is donated and i buy it all. I keep food, first aid supplies, school supplies etc. viagra recommended dosage Your tone sucks. viagra super active in italia My point was that if the city claims it has a plan ,it should be in place in each and every school and teachers should not have to buy all these items every week as we do. Two weeks ago i bought a kid glasses. Get off your high horse. Things are very difficult in some schools and i feel the school system should do what they tell the paper and the board they are doing! Posted by: elisabeth | october 7, 2009 2:38 am offer extra credit points for children who bring in tissues or hand sanitizer... viagra online Posted by: jschool | october 7, 2009 8:03 am don't fault the parents for sending their kids back to school sick. The other side of that is what i experienced last year. buy viagra cheap Kept my child home because she was very ill with a stomach flu that she picked up from school. She literally was vomitting and not right for 8 days. buy viagra online Despite my doctors note- i was given a letter telling me her attendance was unacceptable. viagra without prescription Despite the fact that she had only missed on day of school prior to that. My niece was also sent to summer school this year for missing school because she had a bowel blockage. She completed the work, had passing grades and was otherwise on par as far as school went but because of the days missed she was forced to do the summer school. viagra printable coupon The policies put parents in the position to feel like they have to send the child back asap. I understand the purpose behind the policy but when you have documented reasons- there should be flexibility. Posted by: dimples14 | october 7, 2009 4:08 pm my final word on the issue of supplies, sanitation, etc. We all know that teachers spend alot of money on things that should be system expenses. If we worked in the business world, we would buy for ourselves but not 30 other folks or cardinal kids depending on if you are teaching older or younger kids. viagra printable coupon Teachers without homerooms such as art, music, library etc don't get the supplies a student brings to a self contained elementary setting. But my point is that the system should regularly supply the basics. It should be my choice to supplement. As for water, half the time the coolers are empty or the cups are gone. Bathrooms are a disgrace. Of course, we all buy supplies, bribe kids, etc. However, many of my kids have very little. viagra for sale uk This conversation does not even address the real expenses involved in school supplies and equipement we also buy. I save all receipts for my tax accountant every year so i can document my expenses. order viagra online Very surprising how much we spend. This expense should not be assumed or taken for granted!!!!!! directions for viagra use Posted by: elisabeth | october 7, 2009 5:06 pm hi, that is aweful news. To answer your question, yes they are two separate shots. I am going to inquire about my daughter get the swine flu shot. Posted by: gunpowder tea | november 14, 2009 1:23 am post a comment.